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Who We Are

Although we've never met, we care deeply about your special day.  We want to help you create a moment in time, shared amongst loved ones, that will be yours to keep.  

Lyra Vega is for women that work, play, and love.  We know how important this day of union is for you and yours, and we also respect your desire not to be exploited in the process.  Our aim is to serve like-minded women who desire a beautiful dress that doesn't compromise their conviction to be responsible to themselves and their loved ones.  

We're here to make your quest for a wedding dress an experience to be remembered fondly.  The Lyra Vega experience is designed to provide you the utmost in convenience and transparency.  We've handpicked our collection of gowns by focusing on principles of timeless design, lush fabrics, subtle but interesting details, and impeccable fit.  We offer measured to fit custom orders as well as ready to purchase stock sizes requiring minimal alteration.

Romantic, effortless, and beautiful – this is our promise to you.

Our Namesake            

[lahy-ruh vey-ga]

Our name comes from one of the most brilliant celestial bodies in our sky. Known as "the weaving girl" star, Vega is nestled deep in the constellation Lyra’s embrace.  She is also the heroine of a beautiful romantic legend of ancient origins. 

As the legend goes, Vega and her lover, connected by an unbreakable and everlasting bond, find their way to one another in defiance of the universe’s infinite expanse and the vagaries of time and space. 

This is the journey that we wish for you and your betrothed. 

As you browse our lovingly curated collection of wedding gowns, know that our dream is – purely and simply –  to provide you with a dress that weaves itself effortlessly into your love story. 

Welcome to Lyra Vega.



Meet The Boss

Hi there, I'm Lilian!

I've been in the wedding industry for over a decade, and have come to empathize deeply with those in the midst of the challenge of pulling off the modern wedding.  Some things are tricky by nature; managing family dynamics, seating charts, keeping track of dietary restrictions… the list goes on.  Finding the perfect wedding dress shouldn’t have to be.

My heartfelt wish for Lyra Vega is – beyond simply dressing you in your stunning, absolute best – to provide a modern solution in an ancient industry long overdue for an upgrade. In this day and age, shopping for a wedding dress should be convenient and transparent.  Lyra Vega is the manifestation of my dream to empower women to do what they want, rather than blindly following tradition.

When I’m not buried under piles of tulle, you might find me crafting gifts for friends and family, making to-do lists, or painting with watercolor… definitely with a cup of tea in hand!

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